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Herb and Mineral Mist Skin Therapy Moisturiser

Herb and Mineral Skin Therapy Moisturiser

A very effective skin therapy moisturiser. It is a polarised spray which aids in the delivery of DMK oils and cremes. It infuses into the skin a multitude of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and water that hydrate and nourish the skin.

Acu Mist skin therapy moisturiser

Acu Mist

This skin moisturiser is an acne controlling spray designed to keep acne skin hydrated and nourished while fighting the bacteria that cause breakouts.

Wetter Than Water Skin Therapy Moisturiser

Wetter Than Water

Maximum hydration in a second! Wetter than Water releases moisture and nutrients that are known for their volumising, anti-inflammatory, anti oxidant and immune boosting properties

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