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What is a skin nutrition facial?

An introduction to the DMK concept, the DMK skin nutrition facials provide you with a relaxing spa style facial that also gives you results, and you can get it done right here in our Ipswich clinic.

The unique transdermal infusion process at the end of the treatment imparts into the skin a blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutrient rich products that will be stored for 8 hours to deliver ongoing nourishment to new cells. This in turn gives you healthier skin from the inside out.

What does the treatment involve?

After a thorough skin and lifestyle consultation your skin therapist will select a treatment that will address your skin concerns/requirements.

We begin with a double cleanse and detoxifying treatment to remove impurities from the skin before applying the tailored exfoliation treatment to the skin to target concerns.

The therapist will then apply either the skin plumping and calming Hydrating Masque, skin purifying Acu Masque or a combination of the two depending on the condition being treated. You will be in complete relaxation with a scalp and neck massage.

The mask is then removed and tailored finishing serums, oils and cremes are applied in a unique infusion process.

Types of Enzyme Treatments

Plump and Revive
Calm and Desensitize
Detoxifying and Remove
Brighten and Hydrate

Additional Information about Skin Nutrition Facials

  • How many treatments will I need?

    We recommend having a series of 6 treatments at fortnightly intervals. this is then followed with maintenance facials performed every month. We acknowledge that your skin is unique, and the quantity and scheduling of facials will depend on your individual needs and requirements. this will be discussed at length with your therapist upon your first appointment to ensure that we can create a treatment plan and home care regime unique to you.

    We are the gym for your skin and like a good gym regime – one session does not fix all. our commitment to your skin goals and outcomes is first and foremost and we will offer a variety of solutions to suit budgets and time constraints.

  • How long will the results last?

    Your skin will feel plumped, hydrated and less irritated after each treatment and with consistent home care, you can maintain these results.

  • What does the treatment cost?

    Plump and Revive – $110
    Calm and Desensitize – $110
    Detoxifying and Remove – $110
    Brighten and Hydrate – $110

  • Who can have this treatment?

    These treatments are suitable for all skin conditions.

    We are unable to perform the treatment if you have an eye infection or irritation.

    You can receive this treatment in our Ipswich clinic.

  • Post care information

    As each treatment differs, your therapist will provide you with aftercare at the end of each treatment.

    Remember to wear DMK Soliel 50+ sunscreen and a broad brimmed hat when going out into the sun.

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