Choosing the right product for your skin

Choosing the RIGHT product for your skin

The Enbioment™ Microbiome System

Just like you want the right probiotics in your body, you also want the right ones on your face. DMK have developed a three piece microbiome enhancing system to restore the skin’s natural healthy balance. The Enbioment™ Microbiome System has been designed to neutralise the skin’s pH level with rich anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic property ingredients like olive fruit oil, snow mushroom, green tea, vitamin E and vitamin C.

The system consists of a cleanser, a mist and a serum and can be used by anyone to help maintain a healthy microbiome including those suffering with eczema, rosacea, rashes, minor acne and reactive or scaly dry skin. It can also be used by anyone on a long course of antibiotics. Results are best achieved when all three products are used together, both morning and night.

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