DMK Skincare Products

Calerase DMK Skincare Products


One of our signature DMK skincare products, Calerase is designed to soften dry, hard callouses on the feet as well as hands and cuticles. This formulation aims to leave the skin feeling supple and free from dry dead skin

Pore Reduction Drops DMK Skincare Products

Pore Reduction Drops

Aims to visibly reduce the appearance of enlared pores specifically on the nose and surrounding area. DMK Pore Reduction Drops also have a soothing and purifying effect on the skin

Melanotech Drops DMK Skincare Products

Melanotech Drops

Melanotech Drops contain powerful melanin inhibitors and antioxidants and aim to prevent further pigmentation, while revising uneven skin tone, dark spots and pigmentation.

Epitoxyl DMK Skincare Products


A deep cleansing solution recommended for those with skin impurities i.e. acne, congestion, smokers or those who live or work in an area of high toxins.

Red Vein Crème DMK Skincare Products

Red Vein Crème

Revises broken capillaries and red swollen veins.

Fibromax C DMK Skincare Products

Fibromax C

DMK’s strongest form of Vitamin C. Fibromax C can be used on areas of fine lines, pigmentation. This unique formulation brightens the skin and protecs against UVB damage.

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