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Everything you wanted to know about DMK’s Enzyme Skin Therapy but were afraid to ask

By Danné Montague-King

My readers have questioned my many references to enzyme treatments over the years. Many assume I am talking about a specific product and several have queried “where to get these products?”

DMK Enzyme Treatment

Actually I was not referring to any one product but treatments involving one of nature’s phenomenons. So, here at last I will explain what I have meant all these years when I write about enzymes.

If there were extraterrestrial beings who, coming to the planet earth approached some of our top scientists to describe the human body at its fundamental level, the scientist would have to truthfully say “We are nothing more than a bag of fluids, proteins and amino acids, orchestrated by enzymes and held together by electromagnetic energy!”

It is surprising to me that science has identified less than 2000 enzymes that control every molecular aspect of our bodies, I am convinced there are many more. It is not surprising to me that enzymes play an important role in the treatment of the disorders of the skin. It is a series of enzymatic activities that maintain the skin at it’s healthiest in the first place.

What is an enzyme?

Enzymes are nature’s biological catalysts. It was commonly believed by skin therapists and even physicians for many years that enzymes were not suitable for real skin therapy because they were huge, protein molecules – too big to penetrate the skin. The fact is enzymes are not proteins any more than a light bulb is electricity. Skin therapy enzymes USE proteins formed in plant and some animal cells to act as organic catalysts in initiating or speeding up specific chemical reactions.

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