Acrylic & Gel Nails

What is acrylic and gel nails?

Acrylic enhancements - Acrylic nails are enhancements that you can use to either add length and/or strength to your natural nails. Acrylic is a more durable and harder enhancement than gel. It’s great for people who are more hands on or for those who like extra-long nails such as stiletto or long coffin shapes. It is a powder and liquid mix that sets hard.

Gel enhancements - Gel is the other enhancement that is great for adding a small amount of length to your natural. It has more flexibility and is softer than acrylic. Gel is a gel like product that requires you to put them in a lamp to cure/set.

Gel polish (shellac) – Gel polish is not an enhancement. It is a colour, like nail polish, that is painted over your natural nails and over acrylic and gel. A gel polish has no strength but can be applied over a thicker, clear base coat to add a small amount of strength to your nails.

What does the treatment involve?

Acrylic/gel enhancements – All appointments start with a consultation on nail health, lifestyle, length, shape, design, likes and dislikes and why you are having enhancements applied. The nails are assessed for health and discussion about which product will work best for your nails and the desired result. If you have a specific design that you would like done please bring a picture. Some nail art is included in the base price but for fully encrusted diamante nails or intricate nail art we will give you a price on the day. Your nails are then gently buffed to create a surface for the product to adhere to. Cuticles are pushed back, and nails prepped for product. Either acrylic, gel or gel polish is then applied over forms or tips to give length or over natural nail. Then product is then buffed, painted and diamantes and other nail gems applied if desired.

Additional Information

How many treatments will I need?

Nail biting – If you are having nails applied to help stop nail biting then will rebook you every 2 weeks as you may have small nail beds which means that there is a higher risk of losing a nail if you leave it on longer. It also means that you will be less likely to try and pick them off as your nails will grow quickly. Once your nail bed has grown out sufficiently then we may move your appointments to every 3 weeks.

Special Occasion Nails – if you would only like to leave your nails on for a specific event then you can rebook to have them removed safely the following week.

If you wish to keep your nails on then we recommend that you rebook your first infill for two weeks. We can then assess how quickly your natural nails grow, how suitable the product was for you and if you can move your future appointments to 3 weeks.

We do not recommend leaving your infills for longer than 3 weeks as they can become too long and you may bump or break them.

How long will the results last?

For acrylic and gel most clients will need a refill after 2/3 weeks, but this depends on the growth rate of your nails. We recommend that you re-book your first refill for two weeks and then we can reassess for the next refill.

What does the treatment cost?

Acrylic/hard gel full set - $85
Acrylic/hard gel refill - $65
Gel polish - $50

(This includes glitter)

Who can have this treatment?

Anyone can have these treatments if their nails are healthy. We cannot apply enhancements to nails that have fungal infections or warts.

Post care information

Remember that your nails are jewels not tools, please do not use them to open cans, dig in the garden or undo screws. 

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