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Ultimate Acne Solution

ACU-KLEAR Acne Solution

Acu Klear

This acne solution is designed to dry up existing acne and prevent future breakouts, ACU-KLEAR is an important step in the Acu-System routine. By applying a thin layer of ACU-KLEAR after cleansing with ACU-KLENZ, this treatment can be applied to acne-affected areas both morning and night.

Acu Therm Acne Solution

Acu Therm

Is the ultimate deep pore cleansing tool with softens blind pimples and congested acne. It creates a ‘pseudo heat’ that softens pimples to remove bacteria. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients reduce swelling and eliminate painful pimples fast.

Actrol Powder Acne Solution

Actrol Powder

Actrol Powder helps to reduce excess sebaceous oils and provide an antibacterial seal on the skin.

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